1925 Strathmartine

Management of the asylum moves to Local authority control.


Baldovan Institution for the Treatment and Education of Defectives Order Confirmation Act, 22nd Dec. 1925. [15 & 16 Geo 5. Ch CXXX]. Creates an ‘Incorporation’ of 3 local authority District Boards of Control (the counties of Perth; Forfar & Kincardine, and Aberdeen) to assume responsibility for the management of the asylum, effectively changing its character from a quasi private, and comparatively small concern to that of a public institution with the potential to accommodate a significant increase in the number of inmates.
The purpose of the Institution is defined as “the treatment education and training of children who are defectives, and defectives beyond the years of childhood who have as children been treated educated or trained in or at any establishment of the Institution within the meaning of the Act of 1913 and the doing of all such things as in the opinion of the Incorporation are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.”
The Board of management is made up of equal representation (4 each) from the 3 incorporated authorities, plus certain ex officio members: the Bishop of Brechin; the ministers of the parishes of Dundee, and Mains and Strathmartine respectively, Sir Herbert Kinnaird Ogilvy of Inverquharity and his heirs (as owners of the Baldovan estate); and pro tem, the chair (Thomas Henry Smith of Aystree Broughty Ferry) and vice–chair (William Boyd of Claremont, Broughty Ferry) of the out-going Board of Directors.